6 Steps of Our Process


Online Registration

Simply register your profile on our 'Register with us' page or drop your resume on our
'Leave Your Resume' page, our consultant will get back to you within 3 business days.


Career Consultation

Our consultant will discuss with you to find out your career plan and we will look for open job opportunities that suit with your qualification and requirement.


Job Application

After agreeing to apply, our consultant will recommend your profile to the company(ies) that you are interested in. Your consultant will keep following up your job applications with the companies that you are applying for.


Interview with the Company

Your consultant will notify you once the company is interested in your profile and they want to have an interview with you. We will arrange an interview between you and the company. Most of the time, the interview will be held at the company's office which would be your future working place. The interview process for each company is not the same. You may expect to have 2-3 rounds of interviews for each position you are applying.


Employment Offer

After all the interview processes are done and the company decides to hire you, they will give an employment offer to you. Your consultant will contact you and inform you all of the employment offer conditions. You may now decide whether to accept their employment offer or not.


Successful Employment

You have agreed and signed the employment contract with the company. We will support you along the way until you start your very first working day with the company you have chosen. Of course, you can always get in touch with QHR even after you start working with the company. We are also very proud of our 'After-Employment' service. :)