Job ID


40,000 - 50,000
Allowance 3,000
Mon - Fri
minutes on foot

*Control quality of welders
*PIPING - Check Material for DWG.
*Inspect and mark the welding spot
*Recommend and checking the WELDMENT
*Send RT (in the case of the result RT is REJECT, you must mark the point where REPAIRE to the welder)
*PIN HOLE TEST for the part of U / G or F / L
*Control GA, P&ID, ISO MATIC formulas that correspond to reality.
*Operation for the KPI if the company and department and join the activity 5S

*Male or Female
*Age 21 years old up
*Diploma or Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science or other related field
*Experience more than 5 years in position
*Knowledge in The role of standard codes and specifications such as AWS, ASME, ANSI, API, ASTM, BS and other
*Knowledge in ISO9001 : 2015
*Able to use Computer Program as Microsoft Office, Power Point, Presentation
*Must have Certificate CSWIP3.1